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Sham Idrees (Ehtesham Idrees)

Early life:

Sham Idrees born (Ehtesham Idrees) on 16, October 1988 is a Pakistani Canadian musician and entertainer. He is known as one of the commercially successful desi social-media star.
Sham Idrees has been related to many other entertainers as once in a while fallacious for being married. This isn’t the case as he has regularly marketed as being unmarried.​ Sham Idrees has acquired recognition from millions of fans worldwide. His Facebook web page on has over 4 million likes. With over 10 to 30 million reach per week through his posts and tune. He also claims to be the second cousin of former one route singer Zayn Malik


His single “London 2 Paris” produced via Kemyst is over a million views and downloaded with the aid of thousands worldwide.​ His popular remix “Dil Dil Pakistan” produced through Kemyst is over half of one million views on YouTube alone. Having over 108,000 shares on Facebook on my own. This video went viral in Pakistan and became featured and aired on many TV stations which include PTV, Geo tv, Aag tv and plenty of different channels as well as being performed on many radio stations national.

Shaam Edrees is an active member of the community and being a rich man he has been active in various charity organizations. He reportedly donated over $100,000 in charity.
There is also a fake Wikipedia named website ( for his wiki and whilere does not have an actual page of Wikipedia.

Contact Information:

  • Instagram: ID
  • Twitter: Channel
  • Youtube: Videos
  • Snapchat: Shamidrees
  • Hometown: Toronto
  • Address: #201-1 CLEOPATRA DRIVE
    OTTAWA, ON, K2G 1E8
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 1-888-812-1937


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